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Welcome to our new endeavor Massey members. Hopefully our new page will allow us to exchange tips, suggestions, hints etc. We are all multi talented, and must have much to share with our Massey family.

  • Should you need to drill a hole and do not have a measuring tool, try chucking the item in the drill chuck, then carefully remove and insert whatever size drill bit fits the chuck.
  • If you need to clean up parts that are greasy, consider using household oven cleaner.
  • How to make a substitute for putty: A cheap and effective substitute for putty to stop cracks in woodwork, is made by soaking newspapers in a paste made by boiling a pound of flour in three quarts of water, and adding a teaspoonful of alum. The mixture should be the same consistency as putty and should be forced into the cracks with a case knife. It will harden like paper-mache and when dry may be painted or stained to match its surroundings when it will be almost imperceptible.

Video Tips

The Following You Tube Videos were produced by Miro Forest. They show Massey members describing some home made inventions to make repairs easier or displaying Massey equipment. Just click on the links below.

Dave Perry's gasket cutter tool

Dave Perry's seal remover

Murray Shay operating a Massey 102 Sr. on a White threshing machine

Dave Perry's Hydraulic Pressure Relief

Dave Perry's Roll pin trick

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