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Many Massey artifacts are located in the Massey Harris building which is on the property of Country Heritage Agricultural Society in Milton, ON. The picture below is the front view. Below this picture are many thumbnail-size pictures taken inside the Massey building. Just click on them to view a much larger picture.

Large Collections of Massey Equipment

Welcome to our new endeavor members. We are trying to showcase the large Massey collections of some of our members.

Photos from Fourney View Farms Museum

Massey Harris Drink Cooler

Massey Harris Twin Power Flag

If you would like to suggest the name of other Massey collections then please email me. Thanks, Anton

Miscellaneous Photos
This 1955 M-H 55LP Western Special was built for heavy duty plowing.
Massey Harris Drink Cooler

M-H 44, Orchard version.
Massey Harris Twin Power Flag


M-H 12-20, Orchard version, built in 1934. A very rare tractor.
Massey Harris Drink Cooler

1936 M-H Pacemaker.
Massey Harris Twin Power Flag

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