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  • 15
    January 2021

    Green Machine History & Heritage

    Plans were underway to host a snowmobile event at the Park in February of 2020. However, there was not enough snow, so this event had to be cancelled.

    Members of our group had been meeting on a regular basis with members from the 1st Ontario and Upper Canada Two-cylinder clubs to prepare the 2020 Gathering of the Green display at Davenport in the middle of March 2020. However, due to Covid-19, the 2020 Gathering of the Green had to be cancelled just days before the Organizing Committee was ready to head to Davenport. As a result, the trailer was unpacked and all display items put into storage for future displays once events are rescheduled.

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  • 7
    January 2020

    Rural Spark - Food Tourism: an untapped buffet

    Listen to Rural Spark’s Food tourism: an untapped buffet Podcast featuring Jamie Reaume of Country Heritage Park. It's much more than food tours, and rural Canada has so many delicious experiences to offer.

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  • 28
    March 2016

    Change is in your hands - Maybe it's time for a food and farming revolution

    Leave it to our American brethren to come up with a document that we, in the food sector, should have arrived at long ago. In the vein of Thomas Jefferson and echoing the sentiment of the three most famous words ever written, "We the People" - is a similar document found on a website that is demanding change to the way society interacts with farming and eating.

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