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    October 2016

    Northern Showdown Charity Car Show

    Will Salazar, representing the Northern Showdown Charity Car Show, presented a cheque for the Children’s Wish Foundation for $2,850 from the day at Country Heritage Park.

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    August 2016

    Breaking World Records with 139 Antique Threshing Machines

    Over two years of planning culminated into 139 (of 148) threshing machines harvesting wheat for 15 minutes at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum on Sunday. All combined, the machines had 6100 horsepower of engine capacity, and, threshing at roughly 17000 bushels per hour, successfully harvested 30,000 sheaves of winter wheat.

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    July 2016

    Summer Fair and Farm Expo offers a little bit of country for everyone

    The Summer Fair and Farm Expo (the former All Colours Show) is one of the key highlights for providing an educational and entertainment vocation for those interested in aspects of the food and farm sector in the Halton area and throughout the province and is taking place at Country Heritage Park from July 15 to 17th.

    More than a name change, this year’s weekend-long event brings together a wide array of tractors and collectors but is offering family fun for all. There have been a number of new features added that will draw families from throughout the province...

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    July 2016

    The world might not be as bad as you might believe!

    Watch as Hans Rosling explain the facts about population growth and how the world population is shifting for the better. An increase in education & improvement in child survival appear to have slowed the population growth. 

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    June 2016

    High school students invent a bio-friendly hay bale wrap

    It's one of the biggest environmental problems you've never heard of, billions of pounds of agricultural plastic being burned, buried, or sent to landfills.

    But have no fear, the A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S. are working on it."It stands for A Very Energetic Nerdy Group of Environmentally Responsible Students," explains Rachel Wood.

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    June 2016

    Explore Halton Region through the eyes of Jefferson Salamander!

    Take a virtual hike on the Niagara Escarpment in Halton Region! Virtually explore Country Heritage Park and the Conservation areas in the region through the eyes of Jeff, the Jefferson Salamander. Learn facts and tips about hiking safely through his home on the escarpment and learn how you can protect the flora and fauna native to Halton Region.

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    May 2016

    Jamie Reaume Guest Speaker on The Agriculture Show!

    On Tuesday, May 3, 2016, Country Heritage Park's own Jamie Reaume was guest speaker on The Agriculture Show.  Listen to Jamie Reaume and Jeff Stager as they chat about today's Agriculture issues and play some of Jamie's favourite songs.

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    May 2016

    Country Heritage Agricultural Society brings in new board members; welcomes new President

    Another year, another contested election for positions on the board of directors for the Country Heritage Park Agricultural Society, and with it, the announcement of a new President to lead the not-for-profit organization as it looks ahead to its 10th year in 2017.

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    March 2016

    Change is in your hands - Maybe it's time for a food and farming revolution

    Leave it to our American brethren to come up with a document that we, in the food sector, should have arrived at long ago. In the vein of Thomas Jefferson and echoing the sentiment of the three most famous words ever written, "We the People" - is a similar document found on a website that is demanding change to the way society interacts with farming and eating. https://www.facebook.com/fooddeclaration/.

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    February 2016

    Country Heritage Park brings "Green Gables" to life in new Anne of Green Gables movie

    Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, a revision nearly 20 years in the making since the last series and movies ended, returns to television on February 15 at 6 p.m. on YTV. The movie, much of it shot at Country Heritage Park with the Lucas Farm House subbing in for "Green Gables", stars Martin Sheen, Sara Botsford, and Ella Ballentine as the young red-haired Anne Shirley.

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